Alaró Hotel Can Beia Adults Only, Mallorca

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Hotel Can Beia Adults Only in Alaró is situated right in the heart of Alaró. It’s a town that reflects the best of the Balearic tradition, with cobbled streets and historic buildings. Without a doubt, it’s a journey through time that will leave you with a sense of well-being and offers you the chance to discover a piece of history.

One of the attractions here is gastronomic tourism and wine-tasting. Treat yourself to the region’s best soups and admire the enchanting landscapes while you enjoy a traditional meal.

A stunning view

What to do in Alaró?

  • Tramuntana mountains

    The Tramuntana mountains are an unimaginable fusion of landscapes, a clear reflection of the Balearic islands. Imagine looking out over the sea from an altitude in excess of 1,400 metres, surrounded by the island’s endemic vegetation.

  • Cobblestone streets

    This hotel is perfect for romantic getaways. A stroll through the historic streets is a journey through time in a place where many passionate love stories were written.

  • Sant Bartolomé Church

    Sant Bartolomé church presents an authentic blend of Baroque and modern architecture. As you can see, it’s an architectural gem, of which Majorcans are truly proud.

  • Plaça de la Vila

    The Plaça de la Vila was —and continues to be— a popular meeting point in the town. Hundreds of stories have accumulated here over the decades and are waiting for you to discover them first hand.

  • Gastronomic tourism

    Balearic and Majorcan cuisine is one of the island’s strongest draws for tourists. In the hotel’s restaurant, you’ll find excellent quality, local ingredients.

  • Sporting activities

    Within the stunning landscape of the Tramuntana mountains, you can cycle, hike or play golf in enchanting surroundings. You can also try mountain biking and experience new thrills.